Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze is a photography blog by Gavin Jowitt, an award-winning Sydney-based photographer, offering valuable articles and advice on corporate, industrial, and architectural photography; life and photography in Sydney; and running a successful photography business.

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Articles about Corporate Headshots

Should I smile in my corporate headshot?

Uncover the science behind smiling in corporate headshots and its impact on professional success. Learn about Duchenne smiles, cultural differences, and the factors that contribute to a compelling and effective headshot that leaves a lasting impression.

By |7 April 2023|

AI-generated headshots: what to expect in the future

AI-generated headshots offer cost-effective, customizable alternatives to traditional photography. However, concerns about quality, authenticity, and professional photographer job market impacts arise alongside potential benefits and technological advancements.

By |21 March 2022|

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