Hello, I’m Gavin Jowitt. I’m a Sydney photographer who takes photographs for organisations of all sizes. Some of my work has won awards, but that’s not what motivates me. What makes me tick is creating authentic and engaging photography that gets the job done over and above my clients’ expectations.

Commercial photography by Sydney photographer Gavin Jowitt

About Gavin

I was born and raised in the UK. I’ve been a photography nut since my Dad gave me my first camera as a kid. I left school at 16 and went to art college for four years to study graphic design, primarily because photography was included in the course. Inevitably, I started my career as a graphic designer working in London when the design industry was booming. I worked on big annual report projects with budgets like you’d never believe. I moved to Sydney in my early twenties, and within five years, I’d set up a design and branding agency. The agency did well, I had a brilliant team of people working with me, and we did some great work. However, after 12 years, I decided to switch careers to professional photography. Since then, I have built a reputation for creating authentic and engaging corporate, commercial and industrial photography.

Experienced visual communicator

With 30 years of corporate communications experience as a photographer and a creative director, I fully understand the importance of delivering authentic photography that is true to the culture and brand of an organisation. I believe that photography plays a pivotal role in creating engaging and effective stakeholder communication. Providing a full range of corporate, industrial, lifestyle and architectural photography services, I work throughout Australia with a broad cross-section of public and private sector clients. My clients rely on me to photograph their people, facilities and projects to build versatile and high-quality photography libraries.

Commercial photography by Sydney photographer Gavin Jowitt
Commercial photography by Sydney photographer Gavin Jowitt

Agile in the workplace

In the corporate office, I have the eye to depict the modern-day workplace whilst avoiding the clichés. Every organisation has its own culture and brand values that need to be expressed in the images of its people at work. Whether it’s for internal or external communications, it’s essential to keep it real. I have the people skills to pull together authentic workplace scenarios and create images that reflect how different teams and staff collaborate to get things done.

Getting results on-site

Much of my work is of an industrial nature, photographing energy, resources and construction sites along with the people who work there. I’m at ease liaising with site managers to organise the logistics of shooting on location. As a Sydney commercial photographer, I’ve worked at a wide range of sites, including construction, underground mines, wind farms and industrial plants. I fully understand the challenges that are involved with photographing these types of environments.

Commercial photography by Sydney photographer Gavin Jowitt

Focussed on safety

I’m acutely aware of workplace safety requirements; as such, I hold a WorkSafe Construction Induction White card and a Rail Industry Worker card. I have completed numerous site inductions and am fully equipped with the necessary personal protective equipment for most industrial locations. My awareness of safety requirements helps to ensure that my photographs demonstrate workplace safety best-practice and reflect the high priority my clients place on the safety of their people.

Award winning Sydney commercial photographer

Architectural photography by Gavin Jowitt - Sydney Photographer

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