AIPP NSW Commercial Photographer of the Year 2017, 2018 & 2019

Over the last 20 years I have built a reputation for capturing outstanding corporate and commercial photography. Photographing people and places is my passion. Whether it’s taking portraits of company directors in the boardroom, working out of the back of my Land Rover at a mine site, or shooting from a helicopter over Sydney, you name it, I’m a photographer who’s likely to have shot it.

He has a meticulous and technical eye for detail, matched with a creative flair that's grounded in business reality.

Richard Sauerman, The Brand Guy

Gavin is a brilliant photographer. The quality of his work speaks for itself but more importantly, Gavin is a true professional.

Heather Norman, Head of Marketing & Communications

I cannot recommend Gavin highly enough, not only for his beautiful photography but also for the way he interacts with his subjects, puts them at ease and gets the very best results.

Julia Thomas, Media & Marketing Consultant

Versatile corporate photographer

The broad mix of work I do requires keen planning, organisational and logistics skills. I’m a believer in Murphy’s Law, so make it my business to anticipate the unexpected and plan for every possible contingency. I also consider myself the ultimate diplomat, capable of working with any number or diversity of stakeholders. When taking portraits, you’ll find I have the communication and people skills to put even the uncomfortable subject at ease, whilst translating your brief into everything and more than you imagined.

Industry leadership and contributing to the wider commercial photography community is also high on my agenda. I’m an Accredited Professional Photographer with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography and a Qualified Associate with the British Institute of Professional Photography. I have been awarded Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, one of the world’s oldest national photographic societies.

Experienced visual communicator

My career in photography has run in parallel with a career as a designer and creative director. Having spent over 20 years working on corporate and stakeholder communications, I fully understand communication objectives and the need to deliver authentic photography that is true to the culture of an organisation.

My passion for photography started when, as a kid, I was handed a dusty old copy of a The Royal Photographic Society Annual. It was full of the work of Don McCullinDavid Bailey and their contemporaries… all in black and white of course. My father saw that I was inspired and bought me my first camera, a Cosmic Symbol. I soon converted the store room next to my bedroom into a darkroom which is where I spent the later years of my childhood… that is, when I wasn’t out and about shooting.

Leaving school at 16, I went straight to art college and studied photography and design for the next four years. The early years of my career were spent working in London until 1992 when I moved to Australia.