Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze is a photography blog by Gavin Jowitt, an award-winning Sydney-based photographer, offering valuable articles and advice on corporate, industrial, and architectural photography; life and photography in Sydney; and running a successful photography business.

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Dig Deep into Mining Photography: Why Experience Counts

By |15 April 2023|

Dig deep into the critical role of mining photography in forging a company's image, securing investment, and attracting top talent. Uncover the unique challenges and the significance of hiring an experienced mining photographer to capture striking, high-quality images with a lasting impact.

Industrial Photography for the Renewable Energy Sector

By |14 April 2023|

As the renewable energy industry continues to boom in Australia, effectively communicating the achievements of this rapidly evolving sector is essential. Industrial photography is invaluable for showcasing the technology, innovative design, and sustainability aspects of renewable energy projects.

The Role of Photography in Branding

By |8 April 2023|

Dive into the crucial role of photography in branding with this comprehensive guide. Explore various types of photography, visual consistency, user-generated content, and professional photographers. Stay ahead with emerging trends like VR and ethical considerations. Unlock the power of visual storytelling to create a lasting impression for your brand.

Should I smile in my corporate headshot?

By |7 April 2023|

Uncover the science behind smiling in corporate headshots and its impact on professional success. Learn about Duchenne smiles, cultural differences, and the factors that contribute to a compelling and effective headshot that leaves a lasting impression.

George Street Plaza and Community Building

By |1 April 2023|

George Street Plaza and Community Building is a remarkable public space that is a harmonious blend of Indigenous inspiration and contemporary design, brought to life by David Adjaye and Australian Indigenous artist Daniel Boyd.

What is industrial photography?

By |16 March 2023|

Uncover industrial photography's vital role in marketing, training, and investor relations, and explore how photographers conquer unique challenges to capture striking images.

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