Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze is a photography blog by Gavin Jowitt, an award-winning Sydney-based photographer, offering valuable articles and advice on corporate, industrial, and architectural photography; life and photography in Sydney; and running a successful photography business.

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Articles about Sydney Photography

Picture-perfect: Capturing Sydney’s best locations for photography

A Photographer's Paradise From the iconic Sydney Opera House to the pristine beaches of Bondi, Sydney, Australia's largest city, offers a plethora of stunning locations for photography enthusiasts. Whether you're a professional Sydney photographer looking to expand your portfolio or an amateur eager to immortalise your journey through the lens, Sydney promises a vibrant canvas for your creative eye. In [...]

By |26 April 2022|

Sydney’s Scenic Silhouettes: The best locations to photography Sydney’s skyline

Unravelling the Allure of Sydney's Skyline from Every Angle Sydney, a city that boasts an iconic skyline and mesmerizing vistas, is a playground for photographers eager to capture its architectural splendour. From the emblematic Opera House to the towering Harbour Bridge, these majestic structures never cease to captivate both locals and tourists alike. In this article, we reveal the finest [...]

By |15 April 2022|

20 Best Locations for Industrial Photography in Sydney

Sydney, renowned for its stunning harbour, iconic landmarks, and pristine beaches, also boasts a rich and diverse industrial heritage. From historical shipyards and railway workshops to contemporary ports and construction sites, the city offers countless opportunities to capture the raw beauty and gritty charm of industrial landscapes. In this list, we present 20 of the best locations in Sydney for [...]

By |14 March 2022|

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