Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze

Shooting The Breeze is a photography blog by Gavin Jowitt, an award-winning Sydney-based photographer, offering valuable articles and advice on corporate, industrial, and architectural photography; life and photography in Sydney; and running a successful photography business.

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Articles about Industrial Photography

Dig Deep into Mining Photography: Why Experience Counts

Dig deep into the critical role of mining photography in forging a company's image, securing investment, and attracting top talent. Uncover the unique challenges and the significance of hiring an experienced mining photographer to capture striking, high-quality images with a lasting impact.

By |15 April 2023|

Industrial Photography for the Renewable Energy Sector

As the renewable energy industry continues to boom in Australia, effectively communicating the achievements of this rapidly evolving sector is essential. Industrial photography is invaluable for showcasing the technology, innovative design, and sustainability aspects of renewable energy projects.

By |14 April 2023|

What is industrial photography?

Uncover industrial photography's vital role in marketing, training, and investor relations, and explore how photographers conquer unique challenges to capture striking images.

By |16 March 2023|

20 Best Locations for Industrial Photography in Sydney

Sydney, renowned for its stunning harbour, iconic landmarks, and pristine beaches, also boasts a rich and diverse industrial heritage. From historical shipyards and railway workshops to contemporary ports and construction sites, the city offers countless opportunities to capture the raw beauty and gritty charm of industrial landscapes. In this list, we present 20 of the best locations in Sydney for [...]

By |14 March 2022|

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