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Industrial photography in the Pilbara

Published On: 8 July 2013By Categories: Industrial Photography
Industrial photography for Karijini Civil and Mining

I recently had the incredible opportunity to spend a week on an industrial photography shoot for Karijini Civil and Mining in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. This dynamic and vast landscape provided a perfect backdrop for the project, which involved shooting both stills and video at Tom Price and Paraburdoo mines, as well as a few other locations along the way. In this blog post, I’ll take you through my experience, the challenges I faced, and the highlights of this unforgettable assignment.

The Pilbara: A Rugged and Beautiful Landscape

The Pilbara is a stunning region, known for its red-earth landscapes, ancient rock formations, and vast, open spaces. This unique and rugged environment was a photographer’s dream, offering endless opportunities for striking and powerful imagery. The contrast between the industrial sites and the natural surroundings added a fascinating dimension to the project.

Preparation and Gear

For this assignment, I needed to ensure I had the right equipment to capture both stills and video effectively. I packed my trusted DSLR camera, a selection of lenses, and my video rig, along with plenty of memory cards and spare batteries. I also brought along my drone to capture some aerial footage of the mines and the surrounding areas.

Additionally, I made sure to have all the necessary safety gear, including a high-visibility vest, steel-capped boots, and a hard hat, as I would be working in active mining sites with strict safety requirements.

The Shoot: Challenges and Highlights

During the week-long shoot, we covered a lot of ground, visiting various sites in the Pilbara region. The ever-changing weather and lighting conditions were both a challenge and a blessing. While it could be difficult to work with the harsh midday sun or an unexpected downpour, these elements also provided unique and dramatic lighting opportunities, especially during the golden hours of sunrise and sunset.

Capturing the scale and magnitude of the mining operations was another challenge. The sheer size of the machinery and the vast landscapes required a thoughtful approach to composition and framing. A combination of wide-angle and telephoto lenses, as well as aerial drone shots, helped me to convey the enormity of the mines and their impact on the landscape.

Some of the highlights of the shoot included capturing the intricate details of the machinery, the flurry of activity at the mining sites, and the camaraderie of the workers. I also had the chance to capture some breathtaking landscapes and stunning wildlife shots during our travels between locations.

Post-Production and Final Thoughts

After the shoot, I spent considerable time in post-production, carefully selecting and editing the best images and footage to showcase the essence of Karijini Civil and Mining’s operations in the Pilbara. The final product was a compelling visual narrative that highlighted the scale, complexity, and beauty of the mining industry in this remarkable region.

Overall, this week-long industrial photography shoot was an unforgettable experience. The challenges and opportunities presented by the Pilbara’s rugged landscape and the dynamic mining operations made for a truly unique and rewarding project. I’m grateful for the chance to have worked with Karijini Civil and Mining, and I look forward to future collaborations in this fascinating industry.

For this project, I shot both stills and video. This is the final video.

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