Corporate photography requires a diversity of skills. On any given day I might be shooting at a quarry in outback NSW or photographing a new CEO in the Sydney CBD. Whether it’s working out of the back of a 4WD, shooting aerial photography from a helicopter, or taking professional portraits in the boardroom, a commercial photographer needs to be both flexible and to have a bag of tricks up their sleeve to make each and every location work, wherever in world it may be.

Real people
looking their best

When shooting corporate portraits, it could be anyone from a construction worker to the Chair of an ASX 100 company. Both are busy and having their photograph taken is usually the last thing they want interrupting their day. In the case of the Chair, quite often I only have fifteen minutes to photograph them during a break in the board meeting or AGM. As for the construction worker, well no time is a good time to stop and look relaxed for a photographer.

Both are real people, with a story to tell and something unique to bring to the image. That’s where I come in. In the short space of time that I get to spend with my subjects, I help to take their mind off what’s going on around them and put them at ease. Camera and lighting equipment are prepared in advance so that I can focus on the task at hand, that of capturing the subject’s finer side in as few frames as possible. I must be doing something right because some even start to enjoy it. The corporate photos that I take are always professional but I also strive to ensure that they show each subject as an individual and not just a job title.


Photographing company assets and operations plays an important role in corporate and stakeholder communication. It also requires considerable planning and logistic skills to make shooting at a variety of locations a success. As a successful and experienced corporate photographer in Sydney, I know that I need to put as much effort into planning and arranging my shoots as I do actually taking the photographs. I regularly photograph my clients’ customers and a well-managed shoot not only reflects well on me but on my client as well.

I’m used to working in all types of corporate and business environments, whether it’s photographing an executive team or company assets. My clients appreciate that not only do I capture great images for their corporate communications needs, but I ensure there is minimal disruption and that the appropriate health and safety standards are maintained.

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Gavin is a brilliant photographer. The quality of his work speaks for itself but more importantly, Gavin is a true professional. He can easily work to brief without a personal agenda and is reliable, driven and can be trusted to be an extension of your brand.

Heather Norman, Head of Product, Marketing & Communications

Gavin provided an excellent photographic service on our recent branding project. Working at a variety of locations, over several days he ran with our creative brief and also provided inspiration and direction to compliment our ideas.

Samantha Kasprowicz, Brand and Digital Designer

I cannot recommend Gavin highly enough, not only for his beautiful photography but also for the way he interacts with his subjects, puts them at ease and gets the very best results.

Julia Thomas, Media & Marketing Consultant

I have known Gavin for more than a decade and always been a big fan of his work ... He has a meticulous and technical eye for detail, matched with a creative flair that's grounded in business reality.

Richard Sauerman, The Brand Guy